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NCF stands for Infiniti Canada Finance – and as you’d expect from a company with “Finance” for a middle name, we specialize in developing innovative and affordable new ways to put people behind the wheel of the Infiniti they’ve been dreaming of. We are wholly owned by Infiniti Canada Inc. (NCI). For you, that’s a good thing, because over the years our close relationship has helped make us your Infiniti lease and finance experts.

We are also committed to the principles of full disclosure and to the use of plain language in our lease and finance documentation. So in addition to creating exciting new lease and finance options for our customers, we have taken the initiative to ensure that all of our documents and agreements are simple, straightforward and easy to understand.

At your service with one-stop shopping and financing.

Buying a new car or truck can be an exhausting experience. We can help take some of the legwork out of the process simply because you can choose your new vehicle and your lease or finance options all under one roof. And because of our exclusive relationship with Infiniti Canada, we specialize in Infiniti cars and trucks. Plus, the offers we can make to you are often more attractive than those of an independent financial institution is capable of. So instead of having to shop rates all over town, you can lease or finance from us, confident in the fact that you’ll receive one of the most competitive rates available.

While the services we provide are broken down into two basic categories – leasing and financing – we offer a number of options within each. For instance, our lease is available for periods as short as 12 months and as long as 60 months. You may choose to prepay your entire lease at its onset and take advantage of some savings. Both new and used Infiniti vehicles (up to 3 years old) are available for leasing. With our approval, you may choose the amount of the down payment on your lease, or opt for none at all. We always do our best to tailor a lease to suit your exact needs, so feel free to talk with your local Infiniti Dealership.

We also provide you with a variety of flexible finance options, such as down payment amounts, payment terms from 12 to 72 months, and competitive rates – to meet your particular circumstances. And as with our lease agreements, our finance agreements have been written in plain language so that they may be quickly and easily understood. Plus, we frequently offer rates that are well below those of other financial institutions on select vehicles. So it pays to check both the newspaper for your local Infiniti Dealership ads, and this website for our current “Special Offers“. The savings can be substantial.